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Mature content
The Python of Abadis Forest CH 3 FINALE :icons-missile:S-Missile 8 1
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The Python of Abadis Forest Chapter 2
The Python of Abadis Forest; Chapter 2-Reveal
Near the center of Aurora Village, the teleportation point within the village glowed bright and soon Dust, Fidget and Kaa appeared in the village. Upon arriving, the stone Dust used had soon turned to powder, showing it's power was drained.
"See? Pretty quick huh?" Dust asked, looking down at Kaa.
Kaa's face was a light green and looked sick.
"Uuuugh...never...really did that (gulp) before..." Kaa said in a groggy voice
"Yeah, I remeber my first time  teleporting. Took me a week to finally get my fur combed back down." Fidget said.
At that moment, one of the residents of the village approached Dust, he was a young rabbit male and looked to be in distress.
"D-Dust! You're back! Did you find anything? What happened to Denham Village?"
Dust turned to look at the rabbit, but a look of upset came across his face and he gave a light sigh. "Moska...I'm afraid have some bad news."
"Is...everything alright?" Moska asked, a look of shock came ac
:icons-missile:S-Missile 4 3
The Python of Abadis Forest: Chapter 1-Greeting
(Dust: An Elysian Tail/Kaa crossover)
Deep in the thickest area of Abadis Forest, in an area where the tree tops cover most of the sky, but the sun still shining down through the gaps between the tree tops, allowing the radiance of the sun beams to shine through, lived a number of many wild animals, most shy away from travellers, others test their luck and try to hurt or rob. But one in particular tended to try and help travellers along their way if he so felt it, but this day, he would do more than just help a traveller, he would gain a new
High up in the tree tops, coiled around a thick branch but clenching part of his coils together tightly in a spot, lived a long 20 foot spotted grassy green python, he was known in Abadis Forest as Kaa, a local native of the forest who helps point travellers on the right path to either Denham Village, or to leave the forest to get to Aurora Village or Archers Pass. Kaa however, was hiding in the trees this day, as he narrowly escaped a pack of wild
:icons-missile:S-Missile 5 3
Mature content
FNaF The Story of Mike Schmidt Night 3 :icons-missile:S-Missile 6 2
What the hoof Spy?! by S-Missile What the hoof Spy?! :icons-missile:S-Missile 6 0 I know you're out there! by S-Missile I know you're out there! :icons-missile:S-Missile 3 0


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All I can episode where we see the origin of Applejack, Applebloom and Big Macs parents.

It only took 7 seasons.


None the less, it was a pretty touching story, despite it went for a "Romeo and Juliet" style of story but the set up was nice. And huh, Mayor Mare with pink hair. I figured she'd have been a blonde but oh well.

And damn it, why did they make Pear Butter (Buttercup?) so DAMN adorable? And Bright Mac was cool too, and the kind of man willing to stand up for the girl he cares about.

Overall a nice episode. Now if we could juuuuust learn about Scootaloo. .....hint hint.


Thanks to JonTrons video about games based around our food overlords, I'm breaking out Chex Quest and Cap'n Crunches Crunchling Adventure again after probably about 20+ years. Like they say, the oldies can be goodies.

And now I want some Cap'n Crunch. Off to the store.
Foamy from IllWillPress talks about "Triggers and Safe Spaces", and honestly, I agree with a lot of what he says in the video.



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Hello there.
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Hey, your YCH comm is done.  I actually forgot her tiara, I hope it didn't ruin the image.  ^^;
S-Missile Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Bah, no harm done, her tiara is just cosmetic anyway. But she looks beautiful, can't wait to see Athetia. :D
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Good to hear and she was fun to work on!  :D
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Fangtrex and Shanti by SnakeyThingy I drew a doodle of Fangtrex and Shanti. lol20 told me you helped with creating them, so I edited the description to mention you in it.
Sorry for the mix up if you saw the pic already. ><;
S-Missile Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
No worries, stuff happens. Me and him RP quite a lot and in some of the stories we do we created these two, and you nailed the story spot on.
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Yuy, just wanted to make sure and all.
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